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Women who have drooping or falling breasts will benefit from a breast lift, or mastopexy. This surgery may utilize a breast implant in those patients who have lost much of the volume of their breast.

Often drooping breast tissue can be repositioned and enough volume of normal breast tissue exists such that an implant is not needed. Breast lifts are very individualized operations that Dr. Lowenstein will tailor to your needs, and several different approaches are available.


Benelli Breast Lift

A purse-string, or Benelli mastopexy is utilized for patients requiring only a small lift. This operation is performed by resection of a “doughnut” of skin around the nipple. The incision is closed with a purse-string suture that “cinches” the breast envelope upward to provide a lift. The remaining scar around the nipple is along the transition between the pigmented areola and the skin of the breast.


Vertical Breast Lift

The vertical mastopexy works well for many women who do not have too much extra skin. The scars from this vertical breast lift look like a lollipop- around the nipple and down the center of the breast. This operation differs from a Benelli lift in that the lower central breast tissue is brought together as a sling to support a breast that requires more than just a little lifting.


Wise Pattern Breast Lift

This operation results in a scar around the nipple, down the center, and underneath of the breast, which you can think of as an anchor type of configuration. This breast lift allows for resection of significant skin excess and so is the operation of choice in many women who have successfully undergone massive weight loss. Like the vertical breast lift, the use of a sling of breast tissue allows for repositioning of the drooping breast to a much more aesthetic position.


Breast Implants with Breast Lifts

With any breast lift procedure, the result may sometimes be enhanced with the ancillary use of a breast implant to increase volume and fullness. A breast implant may be used with the classic breast lift, the vertical breast lift, or the Benelli breast lift procedure. Breast implants are available in both saline and gel and may be round or shaped, depending on your need.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Surgery

Good candidates for breast lifts have experienced falling or drooping of the breast and wish to rejuvenate their breast to a more appealing shape and position.


What Should I Expect from my Consultation?

At your consultation you will meet with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff. Dr. Lowenstein will listen to your goals and examine your breasts. You will learn about the different options for your surgery and expectations for your postoperative outcome. Measurements of your breasts will be recorded, and if breast implants are to be used, Dr. Lowenstein will have an extensive discussion with you regarding breast implant details.

One of our Center’s patient care coordinators will then review logistical information including schedule options and financial arrangements in a pressure-free atmosphere. Ask your coordinator for a tour of the operating facilities if you would like to see where the surgery is performed. Your entire consultation should take about an hour.

What Should I Expect the Day of Surgery?

Your surgery will take place in our Center’s state of the art AAAASF accredited operating facility. You will be instructed to arrive about an hour before surgery begins, and you will meet with our nursing staff, our anesthesia provider, and Dr. Lowenstein prior to surgery. Dr. Lowenstein will place marks on your body to aid in the surgery. All questions will be answered to maximize your comfort and those who will be taking care of you after your surgery. Your care giver will be given specific written instructions and have plenty of time to review them during your procedure.

Once in the operating room, an IV will be placed and you will be given medication to help you relax further before falling off to sleep. The operation takes approximately 3 hours after which you will be gently awakened and brought to the only private recovery room in Santa Barbara. After a bit of further recovery, your care giver will be brought in to see you, review instructions, and take you home.

What is Recovery Like?

You will feel tired and sore for a few days following your surgery, but you should up moving around. Periodic walking is a necessity after any aesthetic surgery. Most of your discomfort and/or pain will be well controlled by medications prescribed by Dr. Lowenstein. Additional prescriptions may include antibiotics and special medications to treat nausea in the rare instance that is an issue.

Your dressings will be changed in the first visit back to our Center on the day after surgery after which time you can shower.

It is often possible to return to work within 5-7 days, depending on your job and you may begin driving 7-10 days after surgery. Vigorous activities should be restricted for 3 weeks as well as lifting anything over 10 pounds. Exercise that may increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute should be avoided for 3 weeks. Swelling will progressively improve but should be largely resolved in a month.


What Can Be Done About the Scar?

Breast lifts are associated with different types of scars depending on the type of surgery, but our state of the art techniques for scar therapy using Embrace Scar Therapy have been effective in minimizing the appearance of scars after breast lift procedures.