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What’s new in body contouring?

The revolutionary ability to tighten the skin as well as reduce the fat! With J-Plasma cool Helium, never before seen improvements in the appearance of body contour is now possible. Used at the same time as liposuction or on its own, J-Plasma skin tightening is the game changer we have been waiting for!

Cool Helium Plasma skin treatment provides:

  • Tighter skin
  • More youthful skin appearance
  • Better elasticity of loose skin

How does J-Plasma work?

The cool helium plasma stream that is formed by excitation of one of the helium electrons provides an energized gas beam that has a very precise temperature. This treatment seems to heat the proteins in the skin to just the right temperature to contract, unlike any therapy before. Similar to an egg white that firms as heat is applied, the plasma stream is able to provide enough energy for the proteins to tighten without overdoing it as laser heat can. While lasers can burn the skin in a similar way that severe heat makes an egg white rubbery, the cooler precise temperature modulation of J-Plamsa provides firming without burning.

What can J-Plasma do?

A tighter tummy

With age, with time, with kids, with life… often comes tummy that is a bit larger that we would like. While liposuction or CoolSculpting can help make the fat go away, the skin that is left is often unable to contract tightly around the new contour. J-Plasma is the answer! This cutting edge technology uses na energized beam of helium gas applied with instruments that can fit through the same small incisions used for liposuction. Used with liposuction when there is fat to remove, J-Plasma can even be used when there is no fat issue, and just loose skin that needs that rejuvenated, tighter appearance. Results like this have never been attainable before, but J-Plasma is the difference maker!


Tighter arms

Often complaints of loose arm skin are met with the need for big surgery with bad scarring… but no more! With the J-Plasma treatment of the undersurface of the skin, the arm skin firms without the scarring associated with classic arm lifts. Used with or without liposuction, J-plasma can make the difference without the disfiguring scar of an arm lift operation.


Tighter thighs

A frequent complaint of women is the loose skin of the thigh area which can be unattractive in bathings suits or even shorts. This has always been a difficult fix, because thigh lifts can be associated with many postoperative problems. With J-Plasma, Dr. Lowenstein can now apply the ionized helium of this cutting edge technology to tighten and firm the skin of the thighs through small incisions with a minimally invasive procedure. This technology can even be used in the knee area for women who complain of loose skin here. Once again, J-plasma can provide results we only used to hope for… now it’s available to you!